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1Front-Cover, Preamble, Author Index and Back-Cover
Satvir Singh, Naveen Kumar Sharma
2The Fusion of Features to Improve Spam E-mail Classification
Pramod Prakash Ghogare, Manoj P. Patil
3Generation of Donor List From Internet Based Shopping Using Machine Learning Approach
Kamini, Shakti Kundu, Ravinder Singh
4Different Optical Filtration with DQPSK-NRZ Scheme Under Impact of Weather for 5G Optical Communication Systems
Sagandeep Kour, Monika Mehra
5Acoustic Effect Generator with Graphical User Interface: A Simulation Model
Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Anuj Banshwar
6Efficient Pattern Mining Algorithms: A Study
Amit Verma, Raman Kumar
7Detection and Classification of Faults in High Voltage Transmission Line using Artificial Neural Network
Olena Rubanenko, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Mohit Bajaj
8A Fuzzy Algorithm Based Photovoltaic System Fed Novel Three Phase Boost Inverter
Lakshmi Sirisha Simhadri, Subba Rao Mopidevi
9Reviewing the Influence of Recycled Plastic in Construction Industry
Manisha Sharma, Tanpreet Singh, Jaspal Singh, Sahibdeep Singh Setia
10Influence of Nano-Metakaolin Proportions on the Strength Performance of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Mortar
Jaspal Singh, Mandeep kaur
11Sustainable Use of Corn Cob Ash in Metakaolin Based Geopolymer as a Partial Replacement for Metakaolin;
Panwardeep Kaur, Jaspal Singh, Ritesh Jain, Sarvesh Kumar
12Control of Market Power Using Demand Responsiveness in Congested Restructured Power System Networks
Anupam Mittal, Kanwardeep Singh
13Dissimilar Technologies for the Prognosis of Cardiovascular Diseases: A Review
Monika Gupta, Harsh Sadawarti
14Agriculture Automation Using Machine Learning: A Review
Randeep Kaur, Harmeet Singh
15An Introduction to Engineered Cementitious Composites: A Review
Maninder Singh, Jagpreet Singh, Kunal Jain
16Static and Dynamic Analysis of Multi-Story Building with Floating Column & their Buckling Behaviour
Gurpal Singh, Rajiv Chauhan, Rinku Walia
17Load Forecasting Using Artificial Intelligence Neural Technique
Parminder Singh, Kanwardeep Singh
18Utilization of Plasticinthe Construction of Flexible Pavements
Maninder Singh, Harwinder Singh, Sushil Kumar Singh
19Reduced Switch Count Photo Voltaic Array Integrated Novel Multi-Level Inverter Topology
Nitesh Prakash, Prerna Gaur
20A Review: Palisades to Extensive Rooftop Solar PV in India
Akash Kumar, Rajakumar Sakile, Umesh Kumar Sinha
21Analysis of SVM and RNN-LSTM on Crop Datasets
Kusum Lata, Sajidullah S. Khan, Onkar Kemkar
22Congestion Management with Feasible Placing of Distributed Generators
Sumit Sharma, Yog Raj Sood, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Ankur Maheshwari
23Competitive Evolution of Indian Power Sector
Anuj Banshwar, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Jasmine Kaur Saini, Sujit Kumar
24Technological Breakthrough of Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0
Sujit Kumar, Anuj Banshwar, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Mohit Pathak
25Mobile Sensor Behaviour for Human activity recognition using Deep Convolution Neural Network
Neeraj Varshney, Brijesh Bakariya, Alok Kumar Singh Kushwaha
26Challenges, Impacts of Restructured Power System
Vodapalli Prakash
27Improved Hybrid UPQC Performance with Fuell Cell and Photovoltaic–Battery Unit
Vodapalli Prakash
28Nanotechnology: An Advanced Resolution to Energy Sector Glitches for Emerging Countries
Sujit Kumar, Anuj Banshwar, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Mohit Pathak
29Optimization and Techno-Economic Analysis of a Sustainable Microgrid Providing Back-up Power to a Hospital: A Case Study in Jammu & Kashmir
Taniya Manzoor, Preetinder Singh
30Utilization of Sunflower Husk Ash in Concrete: A Sustainable Option
Sunita Kumari, Rinku Walia, Rajiv Chauhan
31Develop Cloud Information Safety with Steganography Method
Tejinder Pal Singh Brar, Ravi Kumar Sharma
32Bandwidth Enhancement of Star-Shaped Fractal Antenna in X-band
Shally Gujral, Kamaljeet Singh Bhatia, Harjitpal Singh, Harsimrat Kaur, Nancy Gupta
33Refinement in the Characteristics of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Newly Composed Ferrite Material
Monika Rani, Kamaljeet S. Bhatia, Harjitpal Singh, Harsimrat Kaur, Nancy Gupta
34A Review on Policies and Challenges Faced in SolarPhotoVoltaic Technology: Indian Perspective
Jasmine Kaur, Rahul Prashar, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Anuj Banshwar
35Scrutinizing and Instigating Data Mining on Unstructured Data Pertinent to Indian Cinema
Jaswinder Kaur, Dinesh Kumar
36Evaluating Objective Value Variance and Search Position Variance using Diverse Objective Functions in PSO
Rajbhupinder Kaur, Deepak Kumar, Bal Krishan
37Experimental Evaluation of Influence of Fly Ash in Bituminous Mixtures
Amit Kumar Yadav, Manish Kumar, Akhilesh Kumar
38Energy Efficiency a Way of Life
Gurkirpal Singh
39Proposing and Evaluating the Performance of PSO Intended to Minimize the Best Cost and Energy Consumption
Geetu, Anand Sharma
40Periocular Biometric Recogniton Using Neural Network
Nidhi Gera, P. C. Gupta
41A Comprehensive Review on Internet of Things (IoT)
Pawan Kumar, Satvir Singh, Lavish Kansal
42Home Energy Management System Using Whale Optimization Algorithm
Mandeep Kaur, Karanbir Singh
43Performance Analysis of D-STATCOM and UPQC in Distribution System
Manpreet, Tejinder Singh Saggu
44Reconfiguration of Power Distribution Systems Considering Reliability and Losses using BAT Algorithm
Nishant Negi, Manpreet
45Execution of OCR for Comparative Determination of Text from Images for Serif and Sans Serif Typefaces
Sukhpreet Kaur Gagandeep Jagdev
46Estimation of Minimum Cost of Providing Energy for a Rural Microgrid Using Monte
Yuvraj Praveen Soni, E. Fernandez
47Mathematical Modeling of Nonholonomic Vehicle’s Autonomous Navigation Using Fuzzy Logic
Vikram Mutneja, Satvir Singh
48IoT Based Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles Using LoRaWAN: A Review
Dayal Chandra Sati, Satvir Singh
49Replacement of Conventional Batteries with Supercapacitors in Energy Harvesting Systems
Meenakshi Sansoy, Avtar Singh Buttar, Rakesh Goyal
50Emphasize the Performance of Multi Area AGC in Deregulated Environment Tuned with PI using BFO
Asha Rani, Raman Kamboj, Sunil Kumar
51Over Voltage and Under Voltage Load Protection using GSM Alert
Mohit Pathak, Anuj Banshwar, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Sujit Kumar
52A Review on Soft Computing Techniques
Mandeep Kaur, Amit Gupta
53Optimal Design of Grid-Tied Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Station Using HOMER GRID
Kritika Verma, Shashi Bhushan Singh
54Sustainable HealthCare Facility Design for COVID Treatment
Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Raj Kumar Sharma, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Anuj Banshwar, Sujit Kumar
55Free Space Optics Performance Analysis Under 8dBm Impact of Power In Spatial CW Laser and Attenuation 2dB/Km in FSO Channel on Various Atmospheric Effects
Zahid Fazal Choudhary, Rakesh Goyal, Amit Gupta, Monika Rani
56Effects of Noise or Without Noise on Inter-Satellite Optical Wireless Communication System
Sonali Sangral, Rakesh Goyal, Amit Gupta, Monika Rani
57Effect of Noise on the Performance of SCM Radio Over Fiber System
Rabia Kousar, Rakesh Goyal, Gupta, Monika Rani
58A Survey of NOMA with Future Trends and Challenges: 5G
Rajwinder Singh, Hardeep Kaur
59Scheduling Algorithms for WDM Optical Networks
Subodh Bansal, Amit Gupta, Amit Kumar Garg
60Cabin Flow Modulation for Cockpit Noise Reduction on a Fighter Platform
A. Arunachaleswaran, S. Gunasekaran, K S Chowhan, Rahul Agrawal, Sankaraiah Mada, S. Elangovan, M. Sundararaj
61Integration of PSO with LSTM to Enhance Accuracy of Movie Recommendation System
Dhiraj Khurana, Himanshu